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Omega-3 DHA
Oils and powders

The World's Best Brain Food™

SeaDragon is New Zealand’s only producer of premium, internationally certified Omega-3 oils, upcycled from byproducts of certified-sustainable fish and plant-based marine microalgae.

We supply nutraceutical, infant formula and functional food manufacturers with exceptionally high-quality Omega-3 DHA oils and powders, ‘the world’s best brain food’, innovative Omega-3 white-labels solutions and unique New Zealand food powders featuring proven ingredients like NZ Manuka honey, Green-Lipped Mussel and NZ Blackcurrants.

Omega-3 Oils Lifelong wellness Derived from the sea

Omega-3s, EPA and DHA, are essential fatty acids abundant in fish and some shellfish. Their consumption, according to GOED, the global Omega-3 trade organisation, supports cardiovascular, eye and brain health.

The health benefits of Omega-3s are supported by a vast body of scientific literature that includes more than 40,000 scientific papers and 4000 randomised, controlled trials in humans.

Omega-3 DHA 'The Worlds Best Brain Food'

We produce Omega-3 bioactive compounds from three species: Marine-derived Algae, Tuna, New Zealand Hoki. Our crude oil is sustainably sourced and fully traceable through the supply chain.

We manufacture our Omega-3 products in accordance with standards that exceed the GOED Monograph (Global Organization for EPA and DHA), setting product standards higher than any single regulatory regime in the world.

Our finished, refined Omega-3 oils are tested by independent accredited laboratories that use internationally agreed methodologies, evaluating for total Omega-3 EPA and DHA,  as well as ensuring that all products exceed standards for contaminant levels and oxidative state.

Our Certifications

SeaDragon proudly maintains the following certifications. These credentials evidence SeaDragon’s commitment to providing Omega 3 products of the highest quality, sustainability and integrity.

Ministry of Primary Industries logo
Ministry of Primary Industries Risk Management Programme (RMP):

SeaDragon’s facilities are registered to refine products suitable for export to its key target markets.

MPI Transitional Facility:

Transitional facilities are approved to hold and manage goods imported into New Zealand that pose a potential biosecurity risk.

TEL7180-Reg-Blue-FSC22000-01 Logo
FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification:

SeaDragon is certified by Telarc Limited to FSSC 22000 V5-1 criteria for the processing (neutralizing, bleaching, deodorizing), and bulk packing of Tuna, Hoki, Algal, and Anchovy oils into flexi tanks, SKCs, IBCs, or drums.

Certified Sustainable Seafood Logo
Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody:

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organisation that provides certifications on the sustainability of fisheries around the world. The certification means customers can be confident that oil sourced from MSC-certified fisheries retain that certification as they are processed by SeaDragon.

Friends of the Sea Chain of Custody Logo
Friend of the Sea Chain of Custody:

Friend of the Sea (FoS) is a leading international certification project for products originated from both sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. Its mission is the conservation of the marine habitat. The certification means customers can be confident that unrefined oil that comes from FoS-certified fisheries retain that certification as they are processed by SeaDragon.

Halal Certification logo
Federation Of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Inc. Halal Certification:

The halal certification confirms that SeaDragon’s halal products have been prepared according to Islamic law and customs.

Kosha Kiwi logo
Kosher Kiwi Licensing Authority Certification:

The kosher certification confirms that SeaDragon’s kosher products have been prepared according to Jewish customs.

Our Customers

SeaDragon has four core customer groups who understand the value and importance of Omega-3 DHA and EPA to lifelong wellness.

Global infant formula companies requiring a reliable partner in their supply chain who consistently meets their demands for the highest standards of purity, quality and traceability.

Nutraceutical and food manufacturing companies seeking high-quality ingredients they can rely on to enhance their products with the goodness of DHA that tastes good too!

Branded companies seeking innovative white-label solutions to delivering Omega-3's to consumers in ways that enable efficacious doses to be delivered in ways consumers find easy and enjoyable to consume.

Responsible pet-food manufacturers who understand that 'man's best friend' deserves human-grade quality oil, not unrefined waste.