About Seadragon

SeaDragon has more than 20 years' experience processing Omega oils into marine bioactive compounds and is committed to, and recognised for, the quality and purity of our products.


SeaDragon is a trusted provider of world-class Omega 3 DHA ingredients, sustainably sourced then manufactured with pride in New Zealand.


We supply the world's best brain food


SeaDragon is determined to drive capacity utilisation in our new fish oil refinery and build demand for higher-value customised products. We also seek to build and maintain a diversity of customers and markets to ensure we are protected against external supply fluctuations and changes in customer demands and other market trends.

Our Values


Free to express out ideas. Speak with one voice. Support one another. Respect others and appreciate others' differences. We achieve unity if we believe in the company and its objectives and when our behaviours align with being accountable. Truely being unified means creating personal connections using our workplace as a catalyst. We provide opportunities for team members to fulfil their needs to connect and relate.

We are:

  • A team.
  • Honourable.
  • Passionate.
  • Accountable.
  • Good Communicators.
  • Positive.
  • Focussed; we have our eye on the ball.
Seadragon values diagram


Lead the market and ourselves. Act with professionalism. Ask why and innovate. Do more than is needed, go the extra mile.


  • Motivate and inspire ourselves and others.
  • Drive for results in ourselves and others.
  • Maintain a strategic perspective.
  • Are trustworthy and collaborative.
  • Develop and support ourselves and others.


Act with integrity. Take Ownership


  • Treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • Act with Integrity.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Take ownership.

Our History


Boutique plant operational

Leveraging the scale of the refined fish oil plant.


Fully commissions new Omega-3 refinery in Nelson

Completes exit from Omega-2 markets using unsustainably-sourced supplies

Masthead becomes a cornerstone investor

Announces plans to convert legacy Omega-2 facilities into a boutique Omega-3 refinery


Completes construction of a 5,000 tonne per annum Omega-3 fish oil refinery in Nelson

Global natural health products company Comvita joins the SeaDragon share register

Announces plans to exit Omega-2 markets using unsustainably-sourced supplies


The investment obtained was sufficient to meet the day to day needs of SeaDragon but not to meet the needs of building an Omega-3 factory. In late 2013 and early 2014, SeaDragon raised $6.1 million to fund that building which had an estimated cost of $6.2 million at the time. As plans started to be developed, and awareness of quake-proof building needs and of future demands for Omega-3 were crystallised, the design of the facility, was ‘upgraded’ to a green-fields site with an increase in the estimated cost to $9.2 million.


SeaDragon builds a position in the production and marketing of specialist fish oils including Omega-2 and Deep Sea Shark Liver Oil (DSSLO) for the nutraceutical and functional food industries

Listed on the New Zealand stock exchange via the reverse takeover of Claridge Capital and introduces specialist life sciences investor BioScience managers to its share register and the SeaDragon board.

Announces plan to transition to Omega-3 rich fish oil markets


SeaDragon established with the acquisition of SeaDragon Fish Oils.