cornerstone Shareholders

SeaDragon is fortunate to have the support of several high-calibre investors.


PESCADO HOLDINGS LIMITED is an investment company of the Christchurch-based Stewart family. The Stewart family have been a long term investor in a number of companies and have been active in sectors as diverse as plastics, healthcare, and pet nutrition. Masthead Limited, via its subsidiary Pescado Holdings, became a shareholder in 2016 and currently holds a 17.7% stake in SeaDragon.


BIOSCIENCE MANAGERS is a leading specialist healthcare fund manager, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It was established in 2003 as a direct descendant of the Rothschild Bioscience Unit (1987-2000) which was the largest non US specialty biotechnology fund manager globally. The BioScience Managers team brings to SeaDragon experience in more than 170 investments in the healthcare and life science sectors. It has been a SeaDragon investor since 2012 and currently holds a 15.8% stake in the Company.

SDMO logo

SDMO TRUSTEE is the private investment vehicle of SeaDragon Director Stuart Macintosh. Stuart is one of SeaDragon’s largest and longest-standing shareholders. He began backing the Company before it was listed on the NZX in 2012. SDMO Trustee currently holds a 9.1% stake in SeaDragon.

Comvita logo

COMVITA has been a shareholder in SeaDragon since 2015. Over a period spanning four decades, Comvita has led the way in showing how New Zealand companies can add value to New Zealand primary products. Through smart marketing, investment in supply chain management, manufacturing and distribution, it has established and grown the market for Manuka honey and other New Zealand-sourced natural health products. Comvita currently holds a 8.5% stake in SeaDragon.

Please Note: These proportional holdings in SeaDragon are subject to change; The company has issued to Comvita an option to subscribe for 375m new shares at $0.0033 per share.  The company has also in place with Comvita, Pescado and BioScience Managers a $3.0m convertible loan note facility each, totalling $9.0m if fully drawn. These loan notes will mandatory convert to shares at $0.0033 per share at 31 March 2020.  The company has also in place Pescado a further $4.0m convertible loan note facility that will mandatory convert to shares at $0.0020 per share at 31 March 2021.