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SeaDragon believes it has a unique opportunity to capitalise on the deep blue and clean waters of New Zealand and the South Pacific to become a regional leader in the production of ocean-sourced Omega-3 bioactive compounds.

SeaDragon Limited is listed on the Unlisted Securities Exchange (USX:SEA) and is New Zealand’s largest refiner and blender of high-quality, internationally-certified  Omega-3 oils.

Our oils are sourced from byproducts of fish caught in the clean and pure waters around the pure oceans of New Zealand, the Southern Ocean, and other certified-sustainable sources and from algae. We supply health supplement manufacturers around the world to meet the burgeoning demand for pure, high-quality omega-3 DHA and EPA oils, which are scientifically proven to deliver significant human health benefits such as lowering the risk of heart disease, improving brain function and eye function, and improving respiratory and joint health. The majority of our products are exported.

Takeovers Code Disclosures

The Takeovers Code requires the following disclosure in relation to the convertible loan note and or options granted to BioScience Managers, Comvita and Pescado

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Takeovers Code Update

Increases of 1% or more in the voting securities held or controlled by Pescado.

Takeovers Code Disclosures

Pescado Holdings Limited (a member of the Masthead group of companies) (“Pescado”) has advanced $4 million of loan notes pursuant to convertible loan note facilities provided by them to SeaDragon Limited (“SeaDragon”).

Pursuant to the terms of those convertible loan note facilities, the loan notes automatically converted into ordinary shares in SeaDragon at 5:00 p.m. on 31 March 2021, resulting in the issue of 20,000,000 ordinary shares to Pescado.  Pursuant to rule 19B(3)(b) of the Takeovers Code, the issue of those ordinary shares resulted in the voting securities held or controlled by Pescado increasing from 47.668% to 52.183%.

Corporate Governance Statement

The board of SeaDragon Limited is committed to the guiding values of integrity, respect and continuous improvement, in order to ensure the highest standards of business behaviour and accountability are a cornerstone of the Company’s operations.  The Board has adopted codes and policies relating to the conduct of all Directors,  executives and staff.

Our Statement of Corporate Governance has been structured to follow the recommendations set out in the NZX Corporate Governance Code (NZX Code) issued in May 2017 and discloses how the Company is applying these recommendations. The Board considers that, as at 31 March 2019, the governance structures and practices it has adopted are in compliance with the NZX Code except, and to the extent, set out in the following disclosures.

SeaDragon’s statement of corporate governance, constitution and the charters, codes and policies are available on request and are available to download on this webpage.

SeaDragon's proposed amended constitution is also available to download below on this webpage.